patience, honesty and care

I highly recommend working with Ellen for all home-related needs, either buying or selling. In a word, Ellen is EXCELLENT! The prospect of purchasing a home was intimidating to me. With Ellen's patience, honesty and care, the home-buying experience was not daunting. It was downright enjoyable. She explained (and re-explained) every step and provided me with options and ideas when I felt uncertain about the decisions I needed to make. Ellen is also an effective listener. She took the time to learn about my lifestyle, likes and dislike in a deeply genuine way. She thought of things that did not even come across my house-concern radar. This resulted in having terrific choices without surprises. Ellen made herself extremely accessible during my home-buying process and is still working with me on post-home buying activities. Our relationship continues and I am grateful to have continued access to her broad expertise and resources.

But my positive experience is not unique. I recommended Ellen to a very close friend of mine. My friend benefited from Ellen's high quality service and knowledge. My friend is now the owner of a beautiful home that suits her lifestyle to a tee. I am happy to speak with any prospective buyer or seller contemplating work with Ellen. (My contact details can be obtained through Ellen.) Ellen's work-style is high-caliber and high-touch. Her services are superlative.

Thank you Ellen!! - B. Saria

reliable, trustworthy, detail oriented

Ellen has the reliability of the sun, the heart of a saint, and the interpersonal skills of a master educator. I highly recommend her for any of your real estate needs. She is reliable, trustworthy, detail oriented, professional, and her sense of humor sets her apart from any other real estate agent.

When my husband and I sat down with Ellen to discuss our needs for purchasing a home, she asked questions we never thought of. Throughout the entire purchasing process, Ellen took the time to explain anything we had questions or concerns about. Ellen made herself available and returned our emails/calls right away. Not only did Ellen bring a positive attitude to her job, but she is responsible and accountable, and you can be sure she will follow through. If you are lucky enough to work with Ellen, you will enjoy her boundless energy and wicked sense of humor.- P. Walker

highly attentive to details

Ellen is an excellent real estate agent, who cares about her clients, is highly attentive to details, and does outstandingly professional job. In addition, Ellen is a person of high integrity, works exceptionally well with clients and provides excellent work at a reasonable cost. She was able to negotiate a very good sale even at the current market situation. When we finalized the sale of our condo, Ellen called us and asked whether we need a help with moving etc. It was a great pleasure to work with Ellen Vera! - P. Lishko

provided the reassurance we needed

My wife and I worked with Ellen when we were looking for a home in the San Mateo area.

As our first adventure in home shopping, Ellen provided the reassurance we needed.

Ellen was spot on when profiling the type of properties we were looking for, thoroughly explained the legal-ease peppered throughout all of the paper work and exemplified great patience and professionalism as we battered her with our landslide of first time buyer questions.

I highly recommend Ellen to my friends, family and pretty much everyone needing a reliable partner when it comes to real estate. - D. Blanchard

integrity and experience

Ellen, was our real estate agent while we are looking last year. We immediately felt at ease and placed our trust in her integrity and experience. Ellen was very patient and provided us with a great deal of knowledge (we are first time buyers). We will surely work with Ellen should we need an agent again and we highly recommend Ellen to anyone who might be looking for an experienced, highly knowledgeable and personable real estate agent. - B. Blanchard

very happy with the results we received

We used Ellen to buy our first home, and were very happy with the attention and results we received. She was attentive, helpful, resourceful, and kind. We keep in touch and would use her again. - J. Hamill

hardworking and client-orientated

We worked with Ellen to purchase our house in Belmont. The seller had received multiple offers and had initially refused to counter our first offer. Ellen maintained contact with the seller’s agent and finally, after multiple phone calls, obtained a counter-offer for us to review. Ellen’s persistence allowed us to ultimately purchase the house. Ellen is a hardworking and client-orientated real estate agent. - J. Mahoney

prepared, poised and honest

Hello neighbor!

Ellen mentioned to me that she is interested in earning your trust as your agent and asked if I would send some thoughts along from our recent experience with her work that might help you in your decision process. I was most glad she asked me.

My husband and I met Ellen through a triathlon circle of friends several years ago and we knew she worked as a real estate agent. We were not in the market for a new home at the time, but I clearly remember noticing how approachable and welcoming and honest Ellen was in her day to day actions. People are drawn to her for these reasons.

When it was time for us to look for a larger home last year, we only called Ellen. We have other friends and contacts in this field as well, but did not consider them. She was already familiar with our area as she is always gathering information on the market in various cities and towns in the bay area and she is constantly connecting with citizens to hear about what is going on in their neighborhoods. We were impressed from the start. She came to our first meeting at our home prepared with a marketing strategy for our home and was able to explain why she recommended various approaches and what she felt would not be successful for our home. She gave us very honest advice about what we could do to prepare our home for a successful sale and we all discussed what a "successful sale" meant to us.

By working with Ellen, we also were able to take advantage of her deep roots in the community and her contacts for our marketing material, staging our home, having various home repairs attended to, window washer, etc...... These were the intangibles we had not even considered previously.

Ellen worked to limit the inconvenience to us and our daughter when it came to inspections and open house weekends and reviewing offers, etc.... She was so flexible given both of us worked and traveled and we often were signing forms electronically from hotel rooms and airports!

Her dedication to our sale resulted in a multiple offer/counter offer situation and a final sale price well over original list with no contingencies.

As a small aside here, when we then started looking to purchase a home, it became even more evident how excellent Ellen really was when we ran into other selling agents with less than stellar work habits or behaviors that were not professional or agents that simply did not have their client's best interest at heart. It was crystal clear to us that all agents are not created equal and Ellen is in the top tier.

I have no reservations about recommending that you hire Ellen as your agent. You will not be disappointed and she will be prepared, poised and honest throughout your process.

Kindly submitted
Allison Perkins
San Jose

out of state relocation

Erich represented us with the purchase of our home, so we turned to him and Ellen Vera to help us with the sale of our home when we needed to relocate out of state. Because of the relocation, we were under a very strict timeline to get the home listed quickly. Erich and Ellen agreed, and they worked extra hard to meet all our timelines.
Erich was excellent working with the relocation company and taking care of all the extra paperwork; we would highly recommend him for a relocation. We were impressed with their efforts to reach out to realtors and potential buyers to market our home.
Erich and Ellen delivered on meeting our timelines, and the house was in contract in 11 days!
Overall, Erich and Ellen are extremely knowledgeable about the housing market in the bay area, they are thorough and detail-oriented with paperwork, and they are fantastic at marketing your home, interfacing with potential buyers and agents, and negotiating the contract. - S. Narayan

ability to work at great speed

October 27, 2014
Letter of Recommendation: Ellen Vera, Intero Real Estate
Hi there! You’re probably checking into former clients of Ellen’s to see how she did. That’s smart.
We worked with Ellen for a couple months in summer 2014 as we were looking to buy. The market here
in the bay area’s hypercompetitive, and we’d been going it on our own via Redfin to not a lot of luck, up
until we met Ellen.
She knows the area, she was able to pick up on details we’d like and wouldn’t about both houses and
locations. We didn’t get the first house we went in on through no fault of hers – And we ended up a few
weeks later in an even better one that we did get, thanks to Ellen’s both winning personality and ability
to work at great speed – We got into the perfect place, and avoided the bidding war in getting there.
Can’t ask for a better result than that.
Ellen’s great. We’ll work with her again. You should too. - S. Hartsman

diligent, resourceful and driven

We have been delighted to have Ellen Vera represent us in matters dealing with our house at 492 West
20th Avenue, San Mateo.
Our first opportunity to work with Ellen was 2 years ago when we prepared to move out of state and
maintain our San Mateo home as a rental property. Ellen was diligent, resourceful and driven to make
sure we would get the best renters possible at a rental rate that was at the top of the market. She made
the process easy for us as we dealt with the distractions of buying a new home in a different state. The
renters we signed a lease with were with us until recently when we needed to sell the property. Indeed,
she was key in helping us get the right people in the door!
Most recently, Ellen was a HUGE help as we prepared to sell the 20th avenue property as part of a
complicated set of transactions. Between the pressures of buying a new home in the white hot market
of the Oakland Hills, selling a home in North Dakota and preparing for/selling our home in San Mateo-
Ellen remained the calm voice at the other end of the phone. Our timeline for selling 20th Avenue was
very aggressive and needed to be executed flawlessly. We are still amazed that our renters moved out
late on a Sunday and by Friday the house had been painted (inside), floors had been refinished and
staging had been done. Ellen was instrumental in handling all of this on our behalf as we are in North
The plan that Ellen drew up for us was spot on and now we are simply waiting for escrow to close.
If you are looking for an agent that can help you sort out what needs to be done from what doesn't, has
resources and recommendations for service providers and will help you position your home to generate
as much interest as possible - we highly recommend Ellen.
Please feel free to give us a ring if you have any further questions.
Best Regards and Happy House Selling,
Tracy Evans

excellent negotiating technique

Dear Ellen – we are very thankful to you for your incredible help in both selling our San Mateo home and purchasing our new Redwood City home. You made our first experience of selling a home as painless as possible, and helped with so many details (from finding painting contractors, to scheduling home inspections, to identifying an excellent mortgage broker). You were completely prepared from our initial meeting on, and quickly responded to all our requests and concerns. We always felt that you were doing everything possible to get us the best price or our home. While you never pushed us to make decision, you certainly provided us with the information necessary to make the next steps. We came to appreciate your excellent negotiating technique as you helped us to write a counter offer that left both parties happy.
You also made our second experience purchasing a home extremely positive – we love our new home! Your ability to connect with people definitely made a difference in having a successful offer. You gave us excellent advice and again facilitated many, many details of the purchase and move, making the experience very pleasant.
We would love to work with you again when we next need to sell or buy a home, and would be happy to discuss our experiences with you with any potential clients. In addition, we will definitely be referring friends and family to you and have already provided your name to a number of our good friends. We hope that some will have the pleasure of working with you as well! – A & M Chabra

enthusiastic, optimistic, and astute

It is my pleasure to recommend Ellen Vera, Realtor, of Intero Real Estate Services. Ellen possesses in-depth knowledge regarding the peninsula real estate market. In 2011, Ellen helped me to purchase and then in 2014 she helped me to sell our home located at 2804 Hallmark Drive in Belmont, CA.
I have found Ellen to be enthusiastic, optimistic and an astute real estate negotiator. After we placed our home on the market for sale, Ellen was extraordinarily effective. Ellen determined a strategic asking price, marketed the home to her vast network of real estate agents, and then she negotiated the sale with multiple buyers. Thanks to Ellen’s expertise, I received three offers that were all above our asking price. I have found Ellen to be delightful, extremely knowledgeable and a highly skilled realtor. I highly recommend Ellen Vera for real estate transactions. - J Mahoney and C. Schoof