Uncategorized April 13, 2023

Selling a Fixer Upper? 3 Tips To Help You Get the Best ROI Possible

Three things you should do to successfully sell a fixer-upper.


The selling process is already difficult enough, but when you add noticeable problems with the property into the equation, it can make the home sale even more complicated. Inventory is now increasing, and buyers have more options to choose from. Your home, which needs repairs, won’t likely be their first choice, and those who are interested in purchasing may make an offer that’s less than what you wanted to sell it for.


Selling a house with major issues takes a lot of work, and there’s never enough time to do it. The longer the home stays with you, the more expensive the costs of repairs and maintenance will be. If you don’t act soon, that property could end up becoming a liability. Fortunately, there are ways to reach the closing table and make a profit. To sell a fixer-upper, here are three things you should do:


1. Highlight the positives. Emphasize the unique features of your home, such as a great location or a nice backyard. You may also want to mention that one of the best parts of buying a fixer-upper is that it’s customizable. Your buyer will have a blank canvas to do whatever they want.


“It’s very possible to sell a home that needs work.”


2. Be realistic with your price. Whatever market we’re in, pricing your home correctly will always be critical. This is especially true for homes that are not in the best condition. You have to set a reasonable price, one that is based on research and makes sense for the market. The best way to do this is by working with a real estate professional. An experienced agent can use their resources and connections to ensure that you get the best possible deal for your sale.


3. Make necessary repairs. You shouldn’t have to completely overhaul your home; however, a few basic repairs will go a long way. A fresh coat of paint, for example, will make your house look much brighter and newer. Fix leaky faucets, repair broken floors, and repair broken door handles. Your buyer will appreciate it.


It’s possible to sell a home that requires work. If you follow these tips, you will confidently get to closing. For more tips on how to successfully sell a fixer-upper, call or email me. I’m happy to be your real estate consultant!