Sellers January 28, 2022

A Warning About Offer Letters

This is a warning about the offer letters you may get from developers.

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I was recently pulling together some information for a client who wants to sell her home, and I came across something important. Today I want to give you a warning about offer letters.

I came across a sale from last year, where the family sold directly to a developer. This developer immediately turned around and sold the house for $300,000 more. This home never came on the market, and it appears that the original seller left a ton of money on the table. Real estate developers and investment groups in the Bay Area are asking if anyone wants to sell their home and saying that they can pay cash with a quick close, but it doesn’t look like you can trust them.


“You may be leaving money on the table.”


How do you know you’re receiving the true value of your home? You could look online to estimate a home’s value, but those aren’t very accurate. You could also ask your local real estate agent to provide a comparative market analysis. However, the best way to guarantee you’re getting top dollar for your home is to put it on the open market. The true market price is determined by the amount buyers are willing to pay and the price you’re willing to accept.

If you’ve received a letter promising an all-cash sale and a quick close, you may be leaving money on the table. Call or email me for a CMA, and I’ll answer any other questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you.