Real Estate May 24, 2022

We Can Refer You

We can refer you when looking to buy or sell out of state.


Today I’ll explain why you should call us first when you want to purchase or sell a home in an area you don’t live in.

After almost 20 years of selling real estate, we’ve created relationships with agents all around the country and the world. We’ve helped people sell and purchase homes in Miami and Orlando, Mesa, Boise, Angels Camp, South Lake Tahoe, Oceanside, Taiwan, and even Switzerland.

We want to give people the same quality customer experience that they would get if we were helping ourselves. We’re always here to answer questions, even after referring you to somebody. We make sure the personalities are a fit, so if you don’t connect with somebody for any reason, let us know, and we’ll find you a different agent.

If you ever need to buy or sell, call or email us first. We look forward to hearing from you.