Uncategorized How You Can Get a Lower Rate The advantages and disadvantages of using an adjustable-rate mortgage.   By now, everyone knows that interest rates are on the rise. As they climb, home affordability decreases, forcing buyers to reduce their price ranges or leave the market entirely. It’s only natural to be concerned about how rising rates will affect your plans, but there […]
Uncategorized Why You Haven’t Missed the Market If you’ve been waiting to sell your home, now is a good time to act.     Over the last couple of years, sellers saw home prices rise month after month. We knew the market would change, but we didn’t know when. Now some sellers are saying it’s too late to sell, but is that […]
Uncategorized Should You Buy Now or Wait? Three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a home.   “Should I buy now or wait for home prices to drop?” With mortgage rates fluctuating and a potential recession looming, I receive this question from buyers almost every day. It depends on your situation, so to help you decide, I’m sharing three questions to […]
Uncategorized What To Do if the Buyer Cancels Escrow What should sellers do if the buyer decides to back out and cancel escrow?   What happens if your buyer wants to cancel escrow due to complications in the home-selling process? When the market starts shifting, transactions don’t always close smoothly. Here are a few common problems that can come up.   One of the […]
Uncategorized Sellers: Where Have All the Offers Gone? The current market has some sellers wondering where all the offers are.   Our local real estate market is changing. We see more inventory coming on the market every day, which is great for improving buyers’ range of options. Interest rates have been on the rise since the beginning of the year; combine that with […]
Sellers Are You Ready To Move Up? These are six signs that you’re ready to move up to a larger home.   Does moving up make sense for your situation? Today I’ll share six questions that will help you decide whether you’re ready for a larger home or one in a more desirable location. If you answer ‘yes’ to most of them, […]
Real Estate We Can Refer You  We can refer you when looking to buy or sell out of state.   Today I’ll explain why you should call us first when you want to purchase or sell a home in an area you don’t live in. After almost 20 years of selling real estate, we’ve created relationships with agents all around […]
Uncategorized Is Now a Good Time To Buy?  How the Case-Shiller index can help you decide if now’s the time to buy.   One of the most common questions we’ve been getting lately is if now is a good time to buy a home. While we don’t have a crystal ball to show us what will happen to the market in the […]
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Uncategorized Should You Sell Your Home Yourself?  It doesn’t pay to try and sell your home yourself; here’s why.   Are you thinking about selling your house yourself? It sounds like a great idea on paper; the market is so hot that homes practically sell themselves, right? This way, you don’t have to pay a commission. However, are you truly marketing […]
Real Estate 2 Better Options for Leaving Real Estate as Inheritance Two alternatives to leaving your children your investment properties.   Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   It’s always a nice thing when you can transfer wealth to your kids by leaving them the properties you own. However, while you may be leaving them wealth in the form […]
Buyers Use Real Estate To Pay for College Here’s how you can use real estate to save for college tuition.   Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Have you ever considered using real estate to subsidize your college bill? If you’re starting a family, it’s something to think about, and today I want to talk […]
Sellers A Warning About Offer Letters This is a warning about the offer letters you may get from developers. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   I was recently pulling together some information for a client who wants to sell her home, and I came across something important. Today I want to give you […]
Market Update 2021 Real Estate Recap & Predictions Here’s a recap of our 2021 market and a look ahead at 2022.   Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Today we’re going to take a look back on the 2021 real estate market in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, as well as share a few […]
Buyers How To Start Your ADU Now that SB-9 and 10 have been signed, here’s how to start on your ADU.   Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Recently we discussed the changes brought about by Senate Bills 9 and 10 when they were signed by the governor. Those bills may allow you […]
Buyers What to Know About Home Insurance Today Charlotte Russell joins me to answer key questions about home insurance. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report Today I’m joined by special guest Charlotte Russell, who has her own insurance agency in Redwood City, California. She’s here to help answer some great questions about home insurance and […]
Sellers How To Avoid Capital Gains Taxes on Real Estate Here are a few handy IRS tax laws that you may be able to take advantage of. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report Are you thinking about selling your home but have concerns about capital gains taxes? Market values have been shooting up over the last few years […]
Sellers How We Handle Multiple Offers on a Listing Here’s a look at how we handle multiple offers on a listing. We’ve been lucky in the San Francisco area to enjoy a strong seller’s market. It’s not uncommon for houses to get multiple offers, just like how one of ours recently received eight. But these contracts are 10 pages long each. How do agents […]
Uncategorized Ballenberg: A Swiss Masterpiece Here’s a quick virtual tour of the Ballenberg museum in Bern, Switzerland. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report Ballenberg is an open-air museum in Switzerland that displays traditional buildings and architecture from all over the country. Located near Brienz in the canton of Bern, Ballenberg has over 100 […]
Buyers Senate Bills 9 and 10 Could Shake Up Our Communities Here are the basics of Senate bills 9 and 10 that could affect us. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report   Here in California, two pending housing bills could shake up our local communities: Senate bill 9 and Senate bill 10. SB-9 is the Duplex Measure. This bill […]
Buyers What’s Motivating People to Move? Here’s why so many people are moving and how it’s affecting the market. Search All Homes on the MLS Here Receive a FREE Home Value Report Most people these days are motivated to buy or sell homes by life changes. Whether it’s a marriage, a divorce, a birth, or a death, these lifestyle changes create […]